About AfroAsia Ultimate CIC

What is AfroAsia Ultimate CIC?

AfroAsia Week is a trading name of AfroAsia Ultimate CIC. AfroAsia Week is our main annual charitable community event.

We are a registered non Profit No. 8738153 and registered learning provider UKPRN 10049548 working to bring a positive image of Africans and Asians in the UK to the forefront.

We also want to sustain community togetherness, community interraction, cooperation, positive engagement, employment, productivity and unity in our community.

But there is also a lot more to AfroAsia Ultimate, we will be doing as much community work as we can through the year working up to each annual event.


African and Asian people in Great Britain combined are an important national asset and bring their diversity to bear in many positive ways. AfroAsia Week is seeking to bridge the gaps between the two ethnic groups by uniting them as one toward a common purpose to highlight similarities, promote cohesion and working together, respect, understanding and combined efforts of both ethnic groups to bring about a unique and vibrant combination of two ethnically diverse yet similar groups.

We decided to bring a cross religion, cross ethnic , cross culture organisation to the front which meets the needs of community, women, youth, small and medium businesses whilst engaging  youth and adults of all ages in the community, the activities of AfroAsia Week will we hope actively bridge existing gaps and create new opportunities to make a better community with limited incidences of disenfranchisement

We are located just outside of London in East Anglia and one of our aims is to bring the Londoners into the countryside to support and motivate those who are in East Anglia and vice versa

What do we aim to achieve at AfroAsia Ultimate CIC?

1. Unity – bringing together two cultures and highlighting the benefits of social and cultural cohesion.
2. Community Integration, bringing cultural togetherness and cultural inspiration
3. To bring cultural showcasing to the forefront to assist and support others in the community who are less able to keep families together.
4. To empower women and youth with positive self identity, empowerment, improved self esteem and dignity in their origins.
5. To recognise and publicly award community champions with merits which will further improve the benefit of their work and activities
6. To enable small and medium enterprises including cottage businesses to showcase and acquire clientele to grow their business
7. To showcase and encourage showcase of fashion from Asia and Africa
8. To provide showcase and advertisement opportunities to businesses based in the UK run by Asians and Africans.
9. To introduce and encourage increased culture and ethnic interaction between Asians and Africans
10. To provide a support point for Africans and Asians in the UK regionally and nationally.
11. To provide training and learning opportunities for youth and adults including corporate organisations in culture, heritage and social integration
12. To engage aged members of the community in teaching and giving insight into cultural knowledge through seminars, courses and talks.

How will we do this?


Empowering emerging and established fashion designers inspired by Africa and Asia

– learning about, showcasing and sharing their awareness of African and Asian culture and heritage.

-rewarding and recognising the community by giving awards to businesses and individuals in the public, business & leisure sectors.

– providing the members of the community the opportunity to sample traditional foods and drinks from all regions of Africa and Asia

Promoting social cohesion by teaching others about the traditions of Africa and Asia and its importance and contribution to the rest of the country.

– encouraging support for sustainable development in Africa & Asia by organising seminars about sustainable energy and farming + buy1give1 program

Showcasing Asian and African professionals and businesses to showcase themselves and advertise goods and services

Community trips and appearances for the youths who are recognised at the culture pageant to serve the community

Organising culture awareness activities including courses and seminars.

Providing a digital business and professional directory

Publishing a monthly magazine.

culture awareness and community activities

Any surplus funds from our activities will be:

Reinvested into improving the African and Asian community

To provide work training for women and youths as well as those who need it the most.

Provide community led empowerment training and awareness courses

To provide work experience for those who need to acquire skills

To provide a point of respite and integration from individuals who are isolated and or disenfranchised or less able to interact with others.

To provide creative ways of getting our elders out and about and involved in community.

To complement and support local food banks and local community groups with our services.

To encourage donations to help families keep their children warm at school and to provide meals

To introduce and re acquaint community members with each other to encourage community support and healthy neighbourly spirit.

To tackle and actively campaign to limit and reduce the incidents of antisocial habits, attitudes and behaviours within the African and Asian community by actively communicating.

Provide community led support within our capability and expertise.