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  • What is AfroAsia Week About?

    AfroAsia Week is a registered and regulated CIC (Community Interest Company)   No.  8738153., providing a yearly event that takes place over two days with a business exhibition, fashion runway, cultural pageant and community awards in the UK and other community oriented activities and services.

    • DAY 1

      Pop Up Business/Service Exhibition

    • DAY 2

      Fashion Runway

      Cultural Pageant

      Community Awards

    The main focus of the organisation is culture, heritage and socioethnic cohesion. Togetherness, empowerment of women and youths whilst encouraging tolerance, interaction and cooperation between all members of the community.

    We deliver activities and services designed to introduce and to showcase foods, fashion, business, culture and traditions of individuals in Great Britain who are of African or Asian Heritage.  In addition to this we will also provide other services including culture orientation and literacy seminars and workshops and create employment and work training opportunities for women and youths.

    How Do I Book A Spot To Exhibit My Business?

    By completing the forms on our website and paying the required fees for an exhibition spot.

    What is included in the business exhibition package?

    Exhibitors fees include:

    1. a large multi purpose pop up exhibition stand including carry case to keep.
    2. 2 chairs
    3. 1 counter table
    4. A digital generic customised flyer to advertise their presence at the event to use on social media or print.
    5. One page on AfroAsia Week website to describe their goods/services and include their contact details.
    6. Inclusion in Event Digital Magazine – 1 Full page


    How Can Exhibitors Obtain Promotional Material ?

    During the booking process, exhibitors will have the option to purchase additional services

    1. Graphics Design and Print  to affix to the exhibition stand
    2. Graphics Design and Counter Skirt Banner to affix to Counter Tables
    3. Design and Print of a Small Pop Up Banner 200x80cm standard size.
    4. Table Top Leaflet or Flyer Holders
    5. Logo Design, Flyer / Leaflet Printing, Business Card Design &  Printing
    6. Advertisement in the Event Booklet at a Discounted Rate
    7. Fixed Cost Static 5 Page Website Design including unlimited hosting memory and bandwidth + 10 Email addresses
    How Do I Participate as a Fashion Designer?

    Participation in the Fashion runway is by application only with one sole primary requirement.  You must be a fashion designer inspired by Africa or Asia OR of African or Asian origin in order to apply and pay the required fees.

    How Do I Enter the Pageants?

    The pageant is a modest pageant with a showcase of full national traditional dress and national evening dress only. To enter you will need to complete the forms on our website and paying the required fees for entry and meeting the requirements.

    Are there any age/size/height restrictions for the pageant?

    There are no size or height restrictions.  You must be aged between 18 and 25 and be of African or Asian Origin directly or through at least one of your parents or grandparents.

    Are there any restrictions/requirements to nominate someone for an award?

    For all award categories, there are details of the specifics available in the Awards  area of the website.

    How Do I Get A press pass?

    By Requesting a Press Pass on the website, providing information and selecting how many you require.

    How Do I Vote?

    Vote for your preferred Nominee on the Voting page 

    Are My Details Secure When I Use Your Website?

    Yes They Are. You Can Verify Our SSL certificate Here



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