Aims and Objectives

As a Community Interest Company, our specific aim is to benefit members of the public and to focus on members Asian and African community who have migrated to the United Kingdom and who work and live in and across Great Britain through our activities and to devote our profits toward helping our wider community and members of the Asian and African Community to improve lives and promote a positive image of Cosmopolitan Diverse Britain, Africa and Asia.

  • To recognise and acknowledge community champions through our community award ceremony which will celebrate and publicly bestow awards on persons, organisations or groups that are led by Africans or Asians in Great Britain on a yearly basis.

  • Introducing and showcasing foods, fashion, business, culture and traditions of individuals in Great Britain who are of African or Asian Heritage,from the Continents of Africa and Asia.

  • To  initiate activities for youths and for adults which will reinforce the awareness of the culture and heritage of Africa and Asia including maintaining a business directory and A periodic magazine in print for the public

Because WE are “Not Just A Minority”

Miss KazeemFounder - AfroAsia Week

Our Key event is AfroAsia Week which will aim to

- Provide A Unique Casual Showcasing, Signposting and Shopping Experience with Interaction, Mingling And Browsing Activity for an entire day.
- Empowering Emerging And Established Fashion Designers Inspired By Africa And Asia from all over the world to showcase their fashion.
- Promote Learning About, Showcasing And Sharing Their Awareness Of African And Asian Culture And Heritage.
-Reward And Recognise The Community By Giving Awards To Businesses And Individuals In The Public, Business & Leisure Sectors.
- Providing The Members Of The Community The Opportunity To Sample Traditional Foods And Drinks From All Regions Of Africa And Asia

Profits Realised From Our Main Yearly Event Will Be Used To


  • Promote Social Cohesion and Highlight The Importance of Cultural Orientation and Sustenance of Traditions For People of Asian and African heritage.

  • Encourage Support For Sustainable Development In Africa & Asia through Outreach To Help Our Home Countries.

  •  Events Which Highlight The Benefits of Cultural Awareness and Ethnic Background Literacy For Youth enhancing Positive Self Identity.

  • Promote awareness of responsible and sustainable living through knowledge of renewable energy and sustainable practices in the Community.

  • To Promote Corporate Culture Awareness literacy  helping the public  learn and understand traditional etiquette and cultural respect.

  • Organise Food Banks And School Support Banks To Support Families on low incomes with Food Supplies And School Supplies



  • Showcase African and Asian Professionals and Businesses In Great Britain promoting Skills and Services to Encourage In Community Patronage

  • Engaging and appreciating the elderly within the community through seminars to encourage elderly input in teaching and sharing of culture.

  • Support positive interaction and befriending between community members to widen social circles and to limit exclusion and disenfranchisement. 



  • Publish A Magazine digitally and physically With News, Advice, Anecdotes, Contributions From Asian and African Elders in Britain


What We Aim To Achieve

  • Unity – bringing together two cultures and highlighting the benefits of social and cultural cohesion.


  • Community Integration, bringing cultural togetherness and cultural inspiration 


  • To bring cultural showcasing to the forefront to assist and support others in the community


  • To empower women and youth with positive self identity, empowerment, improved self esteem and dignity in their origins.


  • To recognise and publicly award community champions with merits which will further improve the benefit of their work and activities


  • To enable small and medium enterprises including cottage businesses to showcase and acquire clientele to grow their business


  • To showcase and encourage showcase of fashion from Asia and Africa including encouraging showcasing of emerging designers 


  • To provide showcase and advertisement opportunities to professionals and businesses based in the UK run by Asians and Africans.


  • To introduce and encourage increased culture and ethnic interaction between Asians and Africans and promote cohesion and understanding

  • To provide a support point for Africans and Asians in the UK regionally and nationally and a leap pad to access beneficial resources in the community.


  • To provide training and learning opportunities for youth and adults including corporate organisations in culture, cookery and social integration


  • To engage aged members of the community in teaching and giving insight into ethnic history, sharing and imparting cultural knowledge.

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