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    All-in-one PR technology
    The Mynewsdesk platform allows you to quickly create your stories, by providing an attractive layout to publish them simultaneously to your website and social media channels.
    PR Team with a nominal pricetag
    My newsdesk staff work with you and support you with the sophisticated interface to systemise, summarise, arrange and layout ,publish and relay press information with ease.
    Email Distribution Lists
    Directly from newsdesk, you can publish your news items and press releases and email them to your distribution lists, print and online media providers at the click of a button.
    Track Events
    Track when your messages are opened, how many links are clicked and who opens and reads your messages. Track your reach on social media and on your website, keep in the loop with important events within your digital presence circle.
    Central News Hub
    Acting as a central hub for all of the stories about your organisation – including press releases, blogs, videos and images.
    Sophisticated Social Media Interaction Tracking
    Track and review and interract directly with new and interested followers on social media and track who views your multimedia content.
    Sustaining Fresh Content
    MyNewsdesk technology is focussed on ensuring visitors to your website and media channels  are greeted with a whole host of high quality, fresh and engaging content about your organisation
    Boost SEO
    My newsdesk tracks your interractions using unique technology and streamlines this by tapping into google analytics for your website to help you with reach and traffic analysis while boosting your SEO.
     Reach relevant influencers
    Social media has empowered the voice of the everyday consumer, meaning every customer is now a potential reviewer of your product or services.
    Build Relationships
    The Mynewsdesk tool helps you to find and build relationships with relevant influential people from your industry including bloggers and journalists, as well as helping you keep track of what’s being said about your organisation online.
    Sustain Communication
    My newsdesk helps you keep in touch, keep up to date with communication accross your news releasess , press releases, social media and email content.  One platform, multiple tasks with ease supported by a winning team.
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    My Newsdesk CEO – Peter Ingman

    Discovery is key. You can have the very best content in the world, but if no one is able to find it or access it easily, then all your hard work is in vain.

    The media landscape is changing. Journalist numbers are shrinking and increasingly we are all heading to other sources, such as search and social media, to get information and news.

    We work hard to make sure our customers can quickly and easily present the content they have available so that any influencers that might want to access or interact with it can do so.


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MyNewsdesk was founded in Sweden in 2003 and has been a part of the NHST Media Group since 2008, and 100 percent owned since 2013. The business is managed from Stockholm.

Developments in social networking services have inspired the PR industry to use new tools and the company has grown rapidly with good profitability. AAA- Dun and Brad street rated, and the fastest growing company in the group. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Mynewsdesk has offices in Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK,Germany and Singapore.

MyNewsdesk is a pioneer in the development of Web-based PR channels for both the mass media and social media. The Web service, on which communicators, media and other interested parties can exchange information, was expanded further in 2011.

The basic “Publish” service with its analysis section has now been supplemented with “Network” and “Explore”. These services are a response to customers needing to be able to add influential people in their target groups to their network and communicate with them better. “Explore” helps customers to identify individuals who will influence them and their brands. “Network” is a social networking service that makes exclusive communication possible.

MyNewsdesk’s employees  give customers training and support in PR, press writing, communication and analytical management of contacts as well as opening up the horizons for premium clients to reach major local and national publications.

They are known for caring for their customers as much as for their colleagues. This combination has made the organisation a strong brand as an employer too.

WEB: T: +44 (0)20 7029 5794 E: Follow on Twitter: @mynewsdesk_uk