Volunteer Talent, Services or Support

As a non profit, we thrive on the goodwill of members of the community who give their time and effort to help us succeed.

We credit all volunteers and provide references to all who work with us as a way of showing our thanks and also to return the gesture.

You can volunteer your services as a presenter, usher, coordinator, marketer, MUA, model, performer or service provider at AfroAsia Week.

By volunteering at AfroAsia Week you will be supporting a diverse community and will increase your knowledge of event management (Health and Safety and risk management), Event Coordination,  boost your portfolio and improve your team working skills and ability to communicate with the public. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

To participate as a volunteer you must be available to attend the event and briefing by arriving early on the day of the event.  We have signed up to the Protecting Actors Agreement and Protecting Actors Fringe Charter to demonstrate our commitment to ensuring we give back to those who volunteer their time and skills to supporting our organisation by helping to ensure all who volunteer talent operate under safe and fair working conditions.